What is Smart Montessori?


Every Montessori School is smart, but there are a number of important things that sets Manor Montessori apart. For example, at Manor Montessori, our unique French program ensures that our students are ahead of students from other schools when they enter main stream schools after Manor Montessori. In fact, many of our students then choose to go into French immersion.

In response to what may be too much screen time for some kids, we recognize the importance of physical activity. So at Manor Montessori, we offer up other interests such as skating, skiing and swimming programs. And our new facility has an extra large, privately enclosed play yard. We love to see our students run & play and we monitor their activity very closely.

All Manor Montessori teachers have taught here for 10 years or more. While we let our students learn at their own pace, our Teachers always ensure that students complete the Manor Montessori curriculum. And Manor Montessori owns the schools and property from which we operate. We do not rent. Our new campus is very conveniently located just steps from public transit and has a convenient drop off area for parents to drop their kids off right at the front door.


Photo shows a portion of the spacious playground
at our Mt. Pleasant campus. The kids love it!