2022 / 2023 Academic Year


Toddler Schooling Fees for ages 18 months - 2.5 years

 1 Payment2 PaymentsMonthly
Half day: 9-12pm$14,780$7,575$1,552
Full day: 9-4pm$22,180$11,367$2,329

Casa Schooling Fees for ages 21/2 - 6 years

 1 Payment2 PaymentsMonthly
Half day$13,790$7,067$1,448
Full day$19,900$10,199$2,090

Elementary Schooling Fees for ages 6 - 9 years

 1 Payment2 PaymentsMonthly
Full day$23,580$12,085$2,476

Tuition fees do not include field trips.

Extended Hours Fees (all programs)

 1 Payment2 PaymentsMonthly
Morning: 8-8:45am$2,980$1,527$313
Afternoon: 4-6pm$4,400$2,255$462


If you remove your child from the school program part way through a term parents must pay for their child’s tuition fees for the remainder of the term. The above does not apply in the case of death or serious illnesses.


For those families, who have two or more children enrolled in the program, there is a 10% discount applied to only one child and the youngest child. If you have more than one child enrolled in the program please issue separate cheques for each child.


Casa and Toddler parents are required to pay a non-refundable and non- transferable enrollment deposit of $2000.00. Elementary parents are required to pay a non-refundable and non- transferable enrollment deposit of $2500.00. This deposit will ensure your child’s enrollment in the upcoming academic year. This amount will be credited to your account and deducted from your final payment. There is no administration fee.


Manor Montessori is under the Day Nurseries Act and as a result can provide parents with a tax receipt for children 6 years and under. For children over 6, tax receipts may be issued for after/before school and lunch.


  1. Casa Parents will be asked to purchase a school T-shirt for their child ($20.00). School T-shirts are to be worn on all field trips.
  2. If you have to replace a phonetic reader it will cost $30.00 for an original copy and $5.00 for a photo- copied version. If a student loses a school library book the school will replace it and bill the parents for the cost. The cost of a lost Book Bag is $20.00.  The cost of a lost Elementary Bag is $15.00.
  3. Participation in our Friday Pizza Lunch Program is approximately $160.00 for the whole year and the cheque is due by May 1st .
  4.  Elementary Field Trips cost approximately $200.00 and the cheque is due in October.