Information About COVID-19

During the Corona Pandemic,
all of Manor Montessori’s teachers
will remain on the job, full time.


To ensure that your child’s education does not skip a beat, Manor Montessori has not engaged in layoffs of our teachers or our support staff. We know that continuity is important so we are there with our students every day. Especially since so many parents are finding it challenging with their kids at home 24/7. Particularly the younger ones who command more attention and may not fully grasp the gravity of the situation. One area where many  parents are especially overwhelmed is with trying to keep their children from falling behind in school. For the parents and students of Toronto’s Manor Montessori, this is not a problem, it is an opportunity. In response to the challenges of social distancing, these students are receiving daily lessons with an interactive program called MM Virtual Learning. It is tailored to each program; Toddler, Casa and Elementary. And the kids are loving it. It is based on the Zoom Meeting platform and provides for full interactivity in a secure environment. MM Virtual Learning is a win-win-win for Teachers, Students and especially for Parents. With Manor Montessori’s MM Virtual Learning, it’s all about Important information for parents about Covid 19. engagement. The entire class can appear online with the teacher. They can see and speak to the instructor and interact with their classmates.

For parents who are not trained in childhood education this is a boon. They do not have to fumble through the teaching process and it frees up their time to focus on other matters. It is keeping the kids inside and stimulated, in the best way. They are learning. Parents also appreciate the fact that their kids are not falling behind, so no dread of playing catch up down the road. Kids love computers and many are actually excelling with MM Virtual Learning. This is a real benefit for parents who cannot be expected to know the curriculum, do not have the time to teach their kids, or do not possess the necessary intrinsic skills to teach their kids.

This is smart Montessori.

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance.

Program. Our Reintegration Program starts with a hygenic classroom environment. Upon the conclusion of campus classes in March, there were no Covid 19 infections among our teachers, support staff or students. This means that our 2 campuses were clean and have been absent of any human contact since our cleaning team did their final scrub down. Regardless, before we reintroduce any students or staff to our environments we will be bringing in specialized cleaning teams to insure that we are absolutely sanitized. We will also be introducing special screening measures for anyone entering the school on a daily basis. This includes the taking of temperatures prior to entry. And once we are all safely inside our disinfected environment we will be conducting longer than usual hygene lessons including the importance of gloves and face masks and the comprehensive cleaning of hands and faces throughout the day. We will also be increasing the frequency and thoroughness of our environmental sterilization, both in the schools and on the playgrounds. We will be providing more detail in due course, but please keep an eye on this space for updates on our Reintegration Program as we approach the time for a seamless return to the classroom.

Our parents are saying it.

The twins are benefitting from their virtual classrooms in many ways. First and foremost, they are able to connect with their friends who they have not seen in weeks, even if it’s simply to say hi and have a couple of laughs together. The virtual classroom is also facilitating learning by reinforcing already covered notions and by introducing new ones, may it be covering new phonograms, reading, writing or addition and subtraction. The teachers have been able to be quite effective in guiding the twins in accomplishing the task on hand. Finally, the twins have had someone else to connect with, the teachers, simply to talk about their day, their birthday and what they have recently learned outside of virtual school hours. has always taken the safety of our children as an absolute priority.

It does not take long (usually half-way through March Break) to appreciate the value of a school in our children’s lives: the rote acts of getting up early, getting ready and going to school by a certain time (usually) and the many rules and structures that create the environment to enable our children to learn and grow. And of course, none of that guidance and growth happens without teachers. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown this entire system out the window (with each of us stuck behind one).

Hence we welcome the arrival (salvation?) of the virtual Manor Montessori School. Mr. Matt and Mrs. Dunn (and others) have put together an excellent alternative as our children endure this unnatural isolation. For our Ben, it’s a welcome return to routine (Amen!) and the joy of seeing his friends (and teachers) again.

The online sessions are well organized into morning and afternoon periods. It’s not without its challenges, of course, and not just the occasional technical glitch. The teachers are very patient given it is easier for children’s minds to wander (or to walk away!) in these circumstances. It’s also important for the presiding parent (or caregiver) to keep their child focused.

The Breakdown Time is helpful too as it allows for less distraction. We are also impressed with use of videos such as the lesson on digestion.

Motivation tends to lag come the afternoon (as true in the office as in the classroom) and the French class after lunch really picks up and engages our son. The same goes for the one-on-one time the teachers spend with our Ben.

We think the Manor Montessori group have done a marvellous job with MM Virtual Learning during an extraordinary time. It can never fully replace value of a classroom setting, but our son is happier, energized and growing with this alternative in

Thank you.