Parents Say

Ginny Macdonald

Mother of 2 Daughters

“I have two daughters with very different learning styles – my oldest daughter devours information while my younger daughter benefits from support when learning. Manor Montessori is incredible because they are able to tailor their program to the specific needs of each child. In part, this is because of the Montessori program, but mostly it is due to the passion, caring and dedication of Dana Stewart and her remarkable teachers. Both of my daughters attribute their current success to the strong foundation they achieved at Manor Montessori. We are deeply grateful.”

Lara Speirs

Son now in French Immersion

“My son has been at Manor Montessori for 5 years, until the end of Grade 3. Manor Montessori’s academic program is exceptionally strong. My son has an excellent foundation in all subjects, especially math and french! With Manor’s strong french program, my son is now thriving in a full-time french immersion school. Manor has instilled the love of learning and a wonderful sense of curiosity in my son. The academic environment was agile, adapting to his individual learning style and was exceptionally nurturing. I feel deeply grateful for the exceptional caring and supportive environment that Manor has provided to my son and I over the years. Thank you, Dana and everyone at Manor!”

Christine Tohana

Mother of 3 kids & she’s a Teacher at Manor Montessori

I have had the unique experience of not only having my 3 children attend Manor Montessori School for 7 years each, from Casa to Elementary, but I have been a teacher at Manor for over a decade.

As a parent, I watched each of my children learn, flourish, build independence and problem-solving skills in their own unique styles due to the flexibility of the Montessori environment. The transition for each of my children into the public school system was easy as they were academically ahead in many areas. In other areas that were approached differently, as can be expected in any new environment, my children were able to successfully tackle these tasks with the creativity and confidence that they developed at Manor.

As a teacher at Manor Montessori, I see the benefits of a multi-age classroom environment every day. I see children learning together, the older children acting as tutor and mentor to their younger peers and the younger students being motivated by what their older peers can do. The Montessori classroom exists like a large family with support, warmth and guidance from the dedicated teachers. It is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for both students and teachers at Manor Montessori and I am thankful that my children and I have been part of the school for so long.

Dennis Manning, Father of Trevor


We have fond memories of our son’s years at Manor Montessori. They had great faith in Trevor. The public system had washed their hands of him and he was floundering. Trevor was there when Manor Montessori opened. And he stayed to Grade 3 when your classes ended. His confidence soared and his subsequent placements were a result of your good advice. So what is Trevor doing now? He is a PHD student in Chemistry. He may not have gotten there without the kind and considerate support Manor gave him to start him on his way. I give the highest recommendation to Dana Stewart as a teacher and to the entire school organization. Good work, Manor Montessori.

Janine White, Mother of 3


”We have 3 children with 3 different personalities and 3 different ways of working. What has been great about Manor Montessori is that the best has been brought out in each of them. They have been taught that no problem is too big to solve, they have a strong belief in their own capabilities and bring a high degree of self-motivation to both their school work and their non-school activities. They have learned that working to the best of their abilities leads to results they are proud of. As parents, we know this skill will serve them well both in and out of school.