Smart programs for your Child.


Varied Extracurricular Activities for our students are fun, educational, convenient and cost effective for our parents. Our choice of programs effectively complements and enhances the academic program.

The Manor Elementary Homework Club offers our students a great opportunity to complete their weekly assignments in a study hall environment. Our students work in a quiet setting with the assistance of a Manor Montessori School faculty member.

The Manor Arts & Crafts Club enables students to create fun craft projects every week using a wide range of art mediums including clay, wood and paper.

The Manor Montessori Choir is a unique and wonderful introduction to music and song. A specialist music teacher will teach the children many new songs, projection of voice and how to sing as a unified group. This program also includes movement and rhythm, the musical family of instruments and different styles of music from many cultures.

The French Drama Club is a great way to cultivate French language skills as well as voice projection, stage performance and dramatic interpretation in a fun and relaxed environment. It is a delightful introduction to the expressive arts.

The Manor Cooking Club introduces your child to cooking in the kitchen. The Cooking Club engages the children in a dynamic, hands-on experience with food and nutrition. The itinerary includes safety in the kitchen, nutrition and healthy eating and kitchen tidy-up as well as creating weekly, easy and tasty recipes.

The Manor Chess Club is one of our most popular clubs and is taught by specialist instructors. Each week there is a lesson and practice period with children participating in weekly matches.

Our Mad Science Program is designed to stimulate young minds and provide an environment that is hands-on participation with spectacular demonstrations and experiments. With the help of a professionally trained Mad Scientist, the children will experiment with electricity, lasers, rockets, and bubbling potions and conduct awesome chemical reactions.

The 4 Sport Club focuses on the benefits of exercise and is supervised by an experienced instructor. The active and energetic program focuses on fun sports skills. The students participate in soccer, basketball, tennis and fitness as well as learning individual skills and team work.

Yoga for Kids promotes strength and flexibility, posture and coordination in a fun environment with poses specially designed for children.

Dance & Movement is taught by an accomplished dance instructor and incorporates classes of ballet and jazz and culminates with a dance and movement demonstration. The students learn basic movement skills, presentation and performance skills as well as learn the specialist dance forms and the importance of music in dancing.